Much of my life has focused on integrating spiritual practice (which includes transformational, reflective, contemplative practice and more) with the work of social change.  This aspiration took root 20 years ago when I began losing friends in the social justice world, both figuratively and literally. I realized, painfully, simply, that we were dying and not winning.  I wanted to know why.

I’ve come to believe it’s largely because the fabric of social change work absorbs the stress of the larger culture, which then mixes with understandable urgency, anger and grief.  All of this can manifest as fatigue, illness, loneliness, depression, doubt or despair.  I have also come to believe a commitment to deep inner work – as individuals, organizations and movements – can transform this reality.  We are capable of creating a culture of activism that has greater sustainability while creating more impact.

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Claudia Horwitz