After graduating college I worked as an organizer on economic justice issues.  I began to notice a whole slew of unsustainable patterns, both within mysegarden main houself and my colleagues and friends. In response, I founded stone circles, an organization dedicated to strengthening and sustaining people working for transformation and justice.  stone circles was one of the first groups to work explicitly at the intersection of spiritual practice and social justice. From 1995-2015, we led retreat, training and leadership programs.  We also created The Stone House, a 70-acre retreat center in North Carolina.

I wrote “The Spiritual Activist: Practices to Transform Your Life, Your Work, and Your World.”(Penguin 2002).  I’ve been a Kripalu yoga teacher since 2000 and have a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Duke University.

ocracoke painting

Ocracoke, North Carolina

I now write and support social change work as trainer, facilitator, and consultant.  Much of the year, I live on Ocracoke, an island 23 miles off the North Carolina coast.  I am the editor of the island’s new literary journal, Salt & Wind.

Above all I’m committed to supporting individuals and groups in a process of transformation.

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